Monday, September 20, 2010

Sambutan Pelajar Baru 2009

Venue: Royal College Of Surgeons, Ireland
Date: 10th October 2009
SPB is an annual event to welcoming the new students of the year, organized by Persatuan Pelajar Islam Malaysia Ireland (PPIMI). IMAM EIRE SC had set up a booth to introduce IMAM to the new students during the day.
Some of them have already known IMAM from pre-departure programme while some are still curious what is IMAM. We were trying our best to explain what IMAM is all about. There were pictures on the board and some videos too. Alhamdulillah we managed to attract about 40 new members registered during the event. We are expecting more new members through our Lets IMAMing campaign. Almost all of the new members are looking forward to join IMAM relief missions besides the other medical related activities.
We were also launching ‘Tabung Padang Earthquakes’ concerning the outbreak news in Padang, Indonesia. There was a Blood Glucose test and each person was charged 50cent for the test and all proceeds went to the Tabung Padang earthquakes. It was a great success and people seemed to like it. Alhamdulillah, we managed to collect about €76.00 for the ‘tabung’. The drive is running up until 31st October 2009.
We hope to get more new members to join for the SPB next year. And can find a better way to promote IMAM to all medical students all over Ireland. InsyaAllah.
Prepared by,
Wan Farah Athirah Wan Nasrudin,
Secretary II IMAMIERESC 0910.

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