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IMAM Predepature Programme 2009

Venue  : Bukit Cherakah, Shah Alam, Selangor
Date      : 7th and 8th of August 2009
Alhamdulillah All praise be to Allah, for only with His blessings and guidance, we have managed to organize the 2008 IMAM Pre-departure program on the 7th and 8th of August. The program was attended by around 25 students as participants (they will be flying off to UK , Ireland , and Czech), with 35 facilitators (from UK , Ireland , and Czech), and around 7 doctors with 2 as speakers.
Below is the summary of the events.
Day 1
Talk 1 – Requirements for Medics by Prof. Amal
The introduction and first talk was made by Prof. Amal. He conveyed a message from Prof. Rashid, giving us the best of luck in our pre-departure programme as he didn’t made it to the programme due to being quarantine for H1N1.
However, Prof. Amal did his best in conveying the talk regarding PPIM and IMAM Student Chapter with all the mission statement. The mission statements has long been made and should be practice by all medical students in order to perform as a doctor, and at the same time, to gain mardhatillah.
Some of the mission statements are:
  • ·IMAM as a common platform for Muslim doctors to resolve fiqh of Islam regarding medical field.
  • ·Networking among doctors and students, nationally and internationally, using student chapter group and IMA, and also FIMA.
  • ·Exploiting the special position of being a doctor despite age, gender, race, religion, time and geography in order to perform work as a doctor for the best of ummah and Islam.
  • ·Tying Muslim doctors and medical students with a responsibility to perform duty for ummah and also making IMAM as a platform to convey Islam, practicing Islam and preaching Islam to the public by word and action.
  • ·With IMAM Student Chapter, the medical students will have direct access to every type of programme and planning that is made by the centre of PPIM an FIMA, other than making their own programme in the local and nationals.
Solah in the Garden
This slot is a practical session for the students to practice solah at anywhere suitable, knowing that Islam is easy, and made not difficult to the Muslim to practice it. The important thing is to find any place as long as the place is clean, and for female students, ‘telekung’ is not compulsory as long as you the aurat are fully covered. Beforehand, Hafiz Che Ismail as the PIC of the slot made clear on all the instructions and tips to pray at any place suitable at overseas. Later the participants and the facilitators succeed in performing solah out in the open space. However, performing solah on a hard surface like the ‘tar’ was found not the best choice to pray on.

LDK 1: Ta’aruf Senior
Here, the students were grouped into 5 groups, according to their respective universities. This is the time for the participants to ask their seniors anything they want to concern studies, life and anything related to being abroad. Issues range from what clothes to buy, what food to bring, the study system of the respective universities, accommodation amongst others. This slot really helps the participants to be ready before flying by making the right preparation.
Fiqh Perantau by Akh Safwan
This session was conducted by brother Safwan himself and he discussed on matters of overseas fiqh such as jama’,qasar prayer,fasting, khuf etc. All topics were given a thorough explanation based on the verse of
al-qur’an and hadith or from the example given by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) himself and his companion.
Tayangan Video – Life as an Oversea Student
Participants were given an insight view of their respective universities both UK and Ireland .
LDK 3: Sembang kopi dan minum malam
This is an extended session from Ta’aruf with seniors. Again in their groups, participants and facilitators had an open discussion on wide issues. Syrup and mineral water were served instead of coffee.
Day 2
Motivasi Pagi
Brother Iqbal Abd Ghani (IMAM Eire President ’09/’10) took over this session after subuh prayer. He showed a video by Prof Amal entitled ‘Shift Your Paradigm’ which shows the reality of the Muslim world today and as a reminder for both participants and facilitators. Earlier on, Brother Ammar Manas (ex IMAM Eire President) gave a short and meaningful reminder on why we should be grateful to Allah for all of the nikmat he gave us.
Clinical Exercise (OSCE Stations)
This Mini OSCE was held for the participants to have a feel some practical stuff that medical student did in school. In groups, participants were asked to visit 5 stations, where they were given different problems in different clinical settings and situations for them to solve in a group. Stations included having the students to do history taking, blood pressure measurement, first aid, auscultation, and others.
Each station took approximately 10 minutes. Overall, the participants enjoyed this session, as it was not only fun, but they also had a little glimpse of the clinical life awaiting them.
The students LOVE the game!
Talk 2: How can I become Istiqamah in Medicine & Who are you in 10 years time?
The second talk continues with a talk by Prof. Latiff, on the topic “How can I become Istiqamah in Medicine & Who you are in 10 years time?” Even though the session was spiced up with some anticipating & funny incident; Prof. Latiff’s chair suddenly broke, the content that was conveyed by Prof. Latiff was concise despite the short time.
Among the things that were conveyed by Prof. Latiff are the mission and vision of IMAM, the connection of life and doctors, and also the responsibilities of a Muslim person. He also gave the participants a brief walkthrough on his life and future dreams. The slot gave such an insight to the participants, and even the facilitators, to correct one’s nawaitu to get the best in being a doctor and a Muslim. This session is a must in the future pre-departure.
LDK 4: Sharing with Doctors “Doctor’s Diary”
The participants and committee members were split into a few big groups and each group was assigned a doctor. Among the doctors that made it to this session were Dr. Latiff, Dr. Jazree, Dr. Arnee, and Dr. Aneesah.  This session was an interactive one as the participants were given the chance to ask the doctors any questions or to ask for their opinions on any particular issues.
Among the experiences shared by the doctors include how they endured medical school, their life as a houseman and how they survived living overseas.
Presentation IMAM UKEire Student Chapter Activity
a)      Ice-breaking: Committees
b)      Yearly activities
c)       Cambodia Relief Mission
d)      Acheh Relief Mission
The first presentation begins with the presentation from IMAM Ireland Student Chapter by Iqbal the president, followed by IMAM UK Student Chapter by Alwi as the president. After a brief background on IMAM, the session continues with the introduction of IMAM UK and Ireland to the participants. After that, the respective people continue to give their presentation on Cambodia Relief Mission and Acheh Relief Mission. However, due to short of time, the session was done in quite a rush. Overall, the session gave the participants on what IMAM is all about.
Finally, we hope that the participants had a blast, and at the same time acquired knowledge and wisdom from the doctors and facilitators. It’s also an honour for us to get the participants to get to know IMAM, which will be there in their country that they’re going, to help them with their study, in order to obtain mardhatillah in any ways accepted by Allah. From the participants’ feedback, Alhamdulillah many found it a beneficial program and had learnt many new things from the program. They are also very satisfied with the venue, accommodation, food, and transportation provided, also giving us both positive and negative feedback in order for us to learn from our mistakes, and for the next committee to do better.
Hence, I, on behalf of the rest of the committee, would like to take the opportunity to say a few words of appreciation and gratitude to those who were involved in the IMAM Pre-departure Program 2009, especially to the doctors who had spent their time with us; you have definitely inspired us all to become good Muslim doctors InsyaAllah. Also thank you to all the facilitators, the participants, and most importantly to the working committee of the IMAM Pre-departure Program 2009 for their massive effort. Only Allah will be able to repay what you have done and sacrifice for this event.  For the committee members, I should say, we made a great team! ~ Alhamdulillah.
Thank you very much.
Prepared by,
Erwina Nursyaheera Sulaiman & help from other committee
IMAM Pre-departure 2009

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