Sunday, December 5, 2010

Medical Mayhem Report is OUT!

IMAM Week went too fast like a whirlwind in this Siberian-like weather! Let’s recap on how it all started; the first event of the week which was; Medschool Mayhem! Medschool Mayhem is our first ever game night giving a twist of fun and excitement into the medical knowledge we learn day in and day out in medical schools! It was held on the 19th November 2010 in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.
The game night consisted of a number of games; ‘Word Up’ where the contestants are asked to give Layman’s term to the medical terms displayed on the screen, ‘Differential Diagnosis’ where contestants are given cases and questions that followed it, ‘Chaboo’ which is a combination of charades where the contestants need to act out the words displayed for their teammates to guess and ‘taboo’ where the contestants need to describe the words displayed without using taboo words for their teammates to guess, ‘Medical Feud’ where contestants need to guess answers to specific questions and lastly, the finale which was ‘Pithing’ which is medical hangman combined with elements of wheel of fortune.

Four teams of four contestants entered the competition which took quite a little longer than expected. There teams were Al-Islah, Pinky and the Brain, 2PM and Merapi. Each team composed of a mixture of 2nd, 3rd and 4th year medical students. The entrance fees, which totalled up to €40 was donated to the Merapi fund that we started during IMAM Week. All four team put up quite a fight between one another in each game however there could only be one winner by the end of the night.

Team Islah won 1st place and in doing so won the prize of €50 euros while Pinky and the Brain followed closely behind and got second place winning them DUNNES vouchers.
All in all, the game night went quite smoothly and turned out better than anticipated by the organizing committee as it was one of the first projects to be conducted without prior examples. However, there’s SO MUCH room for improvement to each and every game and also to the flow of the game night.

We hope everyone that was there enjoyed the night as much as we enjoyed organizing it. To everyone that didn’t join this time round, maybe you’d like to join us the next time we have it. Until then, enjoy medical school!

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