Thursday, December 2, 2010


IMAM Forum: Revamp! has successfully marked the closing of IMAM Week 2010 which took place from 19th to 26th November 2010. The forum which was held at Royal College of Surgeons Ireland on Friday, 26th November was tailored specially to help all the med heads to revamp before the winter exam kicks in!
We welcomed you with open heart (and yummy food; nasi lemak! J )
The attentive audiences
Representative of the winning team of Med Mayhem (50!)
The forum managed to gather four special speakers from various levels of medicine professionals starting from the final meds to doctors from various specialties and they were:

Speakers of the day (from left: moderator Syamil, Dr.Affendi, Dr.Arimin, Anies Syazni, Nurul Hikmah)

Dr. Raja Affendi Raja Ali, Specialist Registrar in Gastroenterology
Dr. Arimin Mat, Registrar in Geriartrics Medicine
Nurul Hikmah Mat Noh, TCD
Nurhanis Syazni Roslan, RCSI

The forum which consisted of 2 slots tried to explore issues that are close to the heart of all medical students be it the pre-clinical or the clinical years i.e to get more organised and strategies for better effective study skills that focused on both from making the most of lectures being delivered in the classrooms and also on how to learn the most when doing clinical attachment in Dublin and Malaysia.

The golden rule is: back to basic-with a good one. And yes by that, it means anatomy, physiology, pathology and biochemistry ect. Get a good grip on it during the pre-clinical years as we will further learn how things manifest themselves when they go wrong in later years. Not to forget, the need to adapt excellent attitude and aim high. After all, we all worth more than RM 1 million and it’s time to prove it!  J

 The forum also explored the prospects of Malaysian medical graduates in pursuing medical careers in Ireland (over Malaysia) for those who were interested and who could have answered it better than these doctors who have been practising many years in Ireland (and UK). One of the reasons why some Malaysian doctors decided to stay was to develop the opportunity to the utmost and to be trained outside of their comfort zone. The opportunity to successfully bid for a research and compete among the Irish and other international professionals in such a research-based community was an achievement itself.

Later on, there was a prize giving ceremony to the winning groups of Medical Mayhem which was a game night to tease the med heads and continued with the next fifteen (!) winners from Trivia Quiz in which 3 lucky winners were picked everyday throughout the whole 5 days of the trivia quizzes that were accessible exclusively in our official blog. J

*Million thanks to the people who had supported us during the week*

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