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. RCSI IC3 Osce tutorial report .


Date :           18th & 25th May, 1st June 2013
Venue :         Malaysian Hall, Dublin, Ireland

  In the name of Allah, the most beneficent the most merciful. Alhamdulillah, on the 18th, 25th of May and 1st of June, Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia (IMAM) in collaboration with IKRAM Ireland and Education Malaysia (EM) has successfully organized the very first Obstructive Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) tutorial designed for third year students of Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI).

The objectives of the OSCE tutorial were as follows;
1)      To gain confidence in performing a history taking skills.
2)      To be able to perform good physical examination skills with appropriate techniques.
3)      To equip medical students with common exam cases and questions in OSCE.
4)      To strengthen networking between medical students and doctors.

The collaborative effort involving students, seniors (newly graduated doctors) and current working doctors received positive feedbacks through out the three sessions held in Malaysian Hall, Dublin.

In conclusion, we would like to thank to all sponsors; EM, Majlis Amanah Rakyat Malaysia (MARA), personal donation and students for their financial supports. Also to doctors and seniors for their time and wisdom and lastly to everyone who made this tutorial a reality. We hope this pioneer work will be carried on next year.

18th May 2013   

Time     : 10.30 am – 15.00 pm
Systems: Cardiovascular, Thyroid, Peripheral Vascular Disease & Diabetic Foot
Tutors: Muhammad Yunus Tauhid Ahmad (PIC), Naem Omar, Faiz Fauzi, Hafizah Nasir, Izyan Munirah, Khadijah Zulkarnain, Fadhilah Ahmad, Najihah Zainal, Asma Mardiana.

The first session held on the 18th of May focuses on cardiovascular, thyroid, peripheral vascular disease and diabetic foot system. A total of 19 students from RCSI and 9 final med RCSI seniors attended on the day. Students were divided into 4 groups based on 4 different stations and rotated each stations for an hour and half.

25th May 2013

Time: 9.30 am – 16.00 pm
Systems: Surgical (stoma bag) & Gastrointestinal (GI), Rheumatology, Hernia
Tutors: Muhammad Hafeez Ahmad Kamal Hayati (PIC), Faiz Fauzi, Jecknorris Moidin, Mu’adz Zubir, Hafizah Nasir, Lina Zulkifli, Fadzlina Shukri,  Syarafina Abd Aziz.

A total of 18 students and 8 seniors from RCSI attended on the second session held on the 25th of May. Systems covered were on Surgical (Stoma bag) and GI Rheumatology and Hernia. A mock GI history was done at the end of the day on common exam cases.

1st June 2013

Time: 9.30 am – 17.00 pm
Systems: Orthopaedics (Hip & Knee), Respiratory, Neurovascular
Tutors: Dr Shahril Shaarani, Dr Tidi Maharani Hassan, Dr Syafiq Ismail, Dr Najmi, Dr Fatimah

The last session held on the 1st of June covered on Orthopaedics, Respiratory and Neurovascular system. Unlike the two previous sessions that we had, tutorial on the day was given by current Malaysian working doctors in Ireland. We are also delighted to have few colleagues from University College Dublin (UCD) joining us for the first time. We started off the tutorial with an overview lecture on orthopaedics (Hip & Knee examination) by Dr Shahril then students were divided into groups for simulated session on each system. A token of appreciation for all doctors were distributed at the end of the last period. A short presentation delivered by 4th med seniors was scheduled in the last minute before everyone dispersed for the day.

Pics are students with doctors [sitting mid row, from L-R], ( Dr Fatimah in blue shawl, Dr Tidi, Dr Shahril, Dr Syafiq, Dr Najmi

Dr Najmi receiving his token of appreciation (exNUIG)

Dr Shahril receiving his token of appreciation (Orthopaedic,Beaumont hospital)

Dr Tidi receiving her token of appreciation (MARA PhD scholar)
Dr Syafiq receiving his token of appreciation (ex RCSI)

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